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For a No-Stress Option, Choose Island Vacationing Along Sandy Beaches

When tourists are island hopping or vacationing in various countries, it’s wise to read what experts have to say about the location. Fantastic areas with fine dining, bed and breakfasts instead of hotels, and ideas that may have never been thought could fill each day. Getting around in an unknown place can be stressful to tourists who simply want to get away from it all. If a tourist is searching for a wonderful place to visit and stay near the beach, they may want to look up Majorca, also known as Mallorca. It’s a part of the Balearic Islands located off the coast of Spain.

Many people read the Mallorca blog to see what others are saying about their trips to the island and what they did to occupy their time. There’s also a lot of information about hotels and the Car Jet website. Tourists also love the crystal clear waters around the island and climbing to areas high above the ocean. The best way to get around the island is by getting a rental car. The Palma de Mallorca Airport has three VIP lounges, and 200 check-in desks to accommodate travelers very quickly. Drivers are pleasantly surprised to find that the cost of car hire is extremely low.

There are also many businesses located within the Mallorca Airport. These shops include leather goods stores, sweet shops, clothing and shoe stores, as well as opticians and florists. Tourists arriving on the island are greeted with the bright blue ocean and skies, palm trees, warm sunny days, and balmy breezes in the summer and fall. The island is a way to alleviate the worries of driving in heavy traffic at home. Children love to play in the shallow waters of the beaches and dig in the soft white sand. Everyone who visits wishes they could stay forever when it’s time to go home. It’s very easy to book a car online just as it is to book flight and travel accommodations from the comfort of home.

Be sure to visit the 14th century Bellver Castle that sits high up on a hill overlooking the city of Palma on the Island of Majorca. For an idea of the number of travelers who visited Majorca, over 23,000,000 traveled through the airport to visit this wonderful island.


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